About GO-Module

About GO-Module GO-Module is a web-accessible tool developed for end-user biologists to greatly simplify the interpretation of prioritized Gene Ontology terms. GO-Module radically reduces the complexity of raw Gene Ontology results creating compact biomodules in two distinct ways, by 1) constructing biomodules from significant GO terms based on hierarchical knowledge, and 2) refining the GO terms in each biomodule to contain only true positive results. Altogether, GO-Module outputs are an order of magnitude smaller than the input set.

For details on why false positive signals can occur in functional enrichment studies of gene sets, see Suppl. Fig. 8 and Section B of Protocol S1 in Citation 1 (Lee Yet al., 2010). In this head and neck cancer publication, our algorithm identified 0% to 59% of the total false positive enrichment results per gene set, with an average of 30%.


Figure1. Input fields


Figure2. Tabular output of GO-Module


Figure3. Network output of GO-Module


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Acknowledgments This work was supported by NIH grants K22 LM008308, 1U54CA121852 and UL1 RR024999 and the Cancer Research Foundation.
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1. Yang X, Li J, Lee Y, Lussier YA*. GO-Module: functional synthesis and improved interpretation of Gene Ontology patterns. Bioinformatics 2011 Mar 17: 1444-14462 PMCID: PMC3087953.